1.1    1929, future site of Belgrave Sewer District’s Sewage Treatment works, Fairchild
1.2    1939, looking north to Fort Totten
1.3    1927, image to the north
1.4    1931, image to the north
1.5    9/1/63, looking north from Northern Boulevard to the point
1.6    9/1/63, looking south toward Parsons Point and Northern Boulevard
1.7    1965, future site of Memorial Field, Charles Stressler, 28-02 Marinette/Douglas Road
1.8    4/27/84, blueprint image of Little Neck Bay, Bayside and Douglaston
1.9    late 1940s, “Baby” dock, foot of Westmoreland below the present-day Manor dock.
         Lower center: formal gardens at “Roselawn,” 16 Manor Road, gardens now demolished
         for construction of 10 Manor Road, 1960s.
1.10  City of New York, Sectional Aerial Map #11, 1951
         North to Douglas Manor; former Golden Estate in Bayside
         East to NYC line and beyond into Nassau County
         South to Grand Central Parkway
         West to former Oakland Golf Course
                      Crocheron Lake
                      former North Hills Golf Course
                      Bayside dock
                      former Bayside farms
                      former Abercrombie & Fitch skeet and firing range
                      former Bayside Gold Course
                      Creedmore facility
         Sub-plan 11, inset, Fort Totten