Neighborhood Photographs

Buhrman's General Store at the Alley circa 1910

Going up West Alley Road to Bayside on September 14, 1929

Looking south we see the Alley Creek/Oakland Lake outfall on the right. A little up from that the dredged portion of the creek ends and a winding natural portion ending at a small waterfall. The high grass lines are the drainage ditch lines that go back at least to the early 1900's. If you follow the one running south you see a different landscape. This was a fresh water marsh that emptied at the waterfall. Moon tides and storm tides rose above that level and salt mixed with fresh. The fresh comes from the water table following the contour of the land until the mud of the wetland where, unable to pass, it bubbles up in springs. The Citizens Water Supply pumped there until the 1920's when the City took over and switched to upstate sources. The white dots in the distant are cars on the Cross Island Parkway.

Looking south we see the driving range. Across the street we see Charlie's wood yard. Above that the tree line of the Hanford Street ridge. The base of the ridge shows on a 1903 map as a foot path. People(Native Americans) used to get around the wetlands before Northern Blvd.(1820's) and to the Alley store at the south end of the wetland. What you see in the photo is landfill covering the springs. The gas station was Buddy Gessner's Shell. The building to the right, now gone, was a marine supply store.

Looking south west, the auto parts building was a Lincoln - Mercury dealer owned by the DeCombo's, a local family. Below it is the site of today's CSO. The building left of the Roto Jet ride dome is a patio furniture shop that is today's APEC building. The barn like building is the old sewer pumping station.