Douglaston Hill Historic District

The landmarked Douglaston Hill Historic District is located in northeastern Queens County, New York, near the border with Nassau County. Roughly, the district is bounded on the north by the Long Island Railroad; on the south by Northern Boulevard, a major county thoroughfare; on the west by Douglaston Parkway, a main street in the immediate area; and on the east by Udall's Cove Upland Ravine Park, a natural area.

The district's boundaries follow the basic configuration of the street grid, encompassing the blocks of 44th Avenue, 43rd Avenue, the southeastern half of 42nd Avenue and the southeastern end of Depew Avenue -- between Douglaston Parkway and 243rd Street (along the edge of Udall's Cove).

Boundary Justification

The neighborhood of Douglaston Hill is bounded on the east and west by two prominent natural wetlands of northeastern Queens Alley Pond Park and Udall's Cove Park. The neighborhood is bounded on the north and south by the Long Island Railroad (in place since 1867) and Northern Boulevard (a major Queens thoroughfare for more than a century). These boundaries reflect the natural and human development patterns of northeastern Queens.

Within that long-held neighborhood boundary, the Historic District boundary is drawn to reflect the natural and human development patterns in northeastern Queens. The District encompasses those features which best reflect the area's historic development. The District fans out in a northwesterly direction from Zion Episcopal Church, with the northeast quadrant of the neighborhood omitted from the District. That quadrant comprises many houses built after the District's period of significance (1900 to 1930), as well as a number of houses that are heavily altered. While there are some physical features within this area that reflect Douglaston Hill's significance, as a whole, this quadrant does not retain the same level of integrity as the Historic District section.

Specifically, the district runs from the corner of 244th Street and Northern Boulevard west to Douglaston Parkway; north on Douglaston Parkway to approximately 62 feet (along property line of Lot 21, Block 8107) north of 44th Avenue; east approximately 166 feet (along the rear property lines of Lots 21 and 231 of Block 8107); north approximately 100 feet (along the rear property lines of Lots 214 and 212 of Block 8107); west approximately 288 feet (along the rear property lines of Lots 46, 43, 40, 38 of Block 8107); north approximately 116 feet (along the property line of Lot 38, Block 8107); west approximately 60 feet along 43rd Avenue; north approximately 100 feet (along the property line of Lot 81, Block 8106); east to Douglaston Parkway; north along the edge of the Catherine Turner Richardson Park; east to 240th Street; north across Depew Avenue to edge of Long Island Railroad cut; east approximately 270 feet (along rear property line of Lots 25 and 21, Block 8103).